Thursday, August 4, 2011

An official member...

Yes, it is now official!  I am a member of Marcie's "No Sew Straight Club".  Actually, it's never really been in debate, but as I completed my latest project, I've discovered I may be a member for life.  It can't be that difficult, you say?  Ha...those little lines on your sewing machine that you are supposed to follow to help line up your seams...a figment of your imagination!!  They really curve and sway as you evil plot of those in the "Always Sew Straight Club", a very elite group of sewers! However, I did enjoy this project, I must say. Hopefully, my MIL will use this little quilt as she is sleeping, watching TV, or possibly getting teeth pulled so that she will be completely oblivious to the swagger of the seams!!
P.S.  Some say you must use pins.  Pin, pin, pin!!  Well, that doesn't work either!
 I must show a close up of the ONE decent corner of went downhill fast!  Also, I really had fun with the machine quilting technique called stippling.  I donned my sisters "Michael Jackson Gloves", used to help move and control the quilt, and began my stippling.  One you start, there's no stopping. This is actually pretty tricky, because, after the fact, I discovered the very vague want to stitch a wiggly line around your quilting space that DOESN'T cross itself!  Hmmm.....too late...that was news to me...I looped my stitching crossing lines many I guess I practiced the "loopy" stitch! 
My next project is a quilt for Kaleb called Stacking the Odds.  I think the "odds" are against me!
Doesn't sound to promising, does it?.

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  1. What a fun post! hehehe Hey! There is a quilting technique that is called 'loopy'. I bet you were doing that! Hugs!