Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Don't think crooked...think challenging!

Well, as I was finally deep into the heart of the school year and am ALMOST able to breathe, I felt it somewhat safe to begin to create outside the classroom once again. Christmas was coming and Kaleb did not yet have a quilt. We were all concerned, I am certain, as to "How was Kaleb dealing with NOT having a quilt from Momma?" So I found a simple pattern fit for a guy, and some fun, masculine fabric from Denyse Schmidt. I finally finished sewing the strips for the quilt top. The extremely boring pattern intended for the strips to have straight seams and edges,(yawn) but since I am a member of the "No Sew Straight Club", I ventured off on my own and chose "wonky" as the seam of choice! I was up for the challenge!!


  1. That quilt looks GREAT! Nice work!!

  2. Looks great. I bet Kaleb will love it.

  3. Kaleb's quilt looks comfy and masculine. :) I like it!