Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The gifts we have received are not ours alone.

Each of us has unique talents and abilities. Most of us are not dynamic preachers or wealthy philanthropists, but our contribution is just as important. God gave them to us for the purpose of serving Him and serving other people. 

My girls are experiencing their God given gifts this summer! We have had so much fun creating.  If you notice my new "Blog Banner"...Kelsi created it!  Isn't is adorable?  She just started playing around with her blog, figured it out, and created one for Kasha and me.  Love it!   

This is Kasha's recent "crafting experience"!  This little end table was mine when I was a little it's pretty much an antique and extremely valuable!  :)  When Mom was tired of it in her house, it came to my house and was fashioned into a "school desk" in the Koch kids schoolroom.  Notice the stickers on the front?  What you can't see it the most fun part of it all...each student that attended this school had to sign in on the back of the desk.  Very fun!  Well, Kasha had a vision to repurpose this old table and look what she created. So cute!!

Kelsi has also been repurposing...check out her blog to see what she has been doing. (notice the change in her blog might want to make the change so you can continue to follow her creativity!!

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